When should I book my shoot?
The sooner the better, although I will attempt to accommodate last minute requests, but I can’t promise I will be able to.

What if I need to change my appointment or cancel it?
Well, it should not be a problem, just let us know prior to your shoot time by writing or calling us:

  • More than 48 hours notice – no charge to cancel or reschedule your shoot if possible.
  • Less than 48 hours notice – 50€ admin fee.
  • Less than 24 hours notice – no refund will be issued, unless it is a justified emergency!
    • Is there a refund?
      Unless there is a data problem, the camera is stolen from the photographer or something really major happens, we trust you will like the pics you get! Also, during the photo shoot the photographer will show from time to time the results so you see what you are getting, please consider this as a deference to you and not as an obligation, we all want to be happy and feel comfortable.

      What pack should I book if we are a large group?
      The shoot is a time-based model, we think a 60 minutes session is good enough for you to feel comfortable getting portraited and getting a good result. For groups with more than 10 people, we recommend 2 hours.

      We are late! What should we do?
      Please call or text if you are late. If you are delayed, keep in mind there may be another shoot booked right after, and it’s not sure that your shoot can be extended (although it’s a possibility, so please ask, but bear in mind it is unlikely). The best option is that you arrive early and if you like, have a drink nearby so you don’t begin your photo shoot in a “rushed” state of mind. Remember: big cities may have traffic jams!

      What if it’s raining?
      We want you to be happy with your photos, in case it is rainning, please call the photographer prior to the photo shoot to review your rescheduling options, if there aren’t any, then we will cancel your photo shoot. This is just in case it is rainning, cloudy or very cloudy days do not count as rainny days

      Could you keep shooting once time is over?
      Maybe! If you want to keep shooting, and there are no bookings after yours, you can pay an additional charge. Each additional 30-minute increment costs 125€.

      When will I get the photos?
      You will receive a link to a private online gallery with a password within 7 business days after the shoot.

      Are there any additional printing options?
      Yes we do, if you would like to have a printed copy, book, calendar, … please let us know we use premium quality printing service and we’ll be happy to explain you the options we have that fits better your idea.

      Who chooses the final photos?
      You do! You will receive a gallery with the best pics that have been shot, if there are more (and it usually happens) than the ones included in the offered pack, you just pick the ones you love. That being said… if you thought there were some shots you remember being taken that didn’t make it into your set, let us know and your shoot will be reviewed.

      Can I see all of the shots that the photographer took?
      Unfortunately not. You will see during the shoot I can take dozens of snaps to get exactly that perfect version of a shot. If you feel like something is missing we’ll be happy to look into it for you!

      What size are the photos?
      They are high resolution 2500px by 1700px. If you have a specific size requirement for a special project, please let me know when you book! Please note that a fee may apply for extra-special photo size requirements.

      Who is the owner of the pictures?
      You have the rights to use the photos for personal use (not commercial). Print them, share them and hopefully hang them on your wall. We would like to showcase your photos in our portfolio, but if you are shy, or prefer to keep them private, just let us know and we will NEVER post anything publicly. The company retains the copyright.

      Will you share my photos online without asking for permission first?
      Absolutely not. Any photos you see on our site are from customers who have told us “in writing” that we can share their photos online. If you prefer to keep your photos 100% private, they just get lock in the “Fly Vault” and they will NEVER be posted on our site or social media. We will ask you in a form there is in your gallery if you would let us share our work or not.

      Don’t see your question? Write us a note! We will respond you ASAP.

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